Smart buildings make better use of space

Usage Patterns:

By understanding the flow of people, companies can optimise the work environment, creating a smooth and efficient work place.

Effective Utilisation

Find out how much meeting rooms are actually being used in contrast to when they are booked

Aim and Adjust

By continuously collecting data, optimal reorganisation, goals are reached much faster and in a more efficient way.

Get the most out of available floor space

Heating & Cooling

Heating/cooling of unused office space can be avoided.


Air quality matters to worker productivity and well being.


No reason to light up vacated workspaces.

Converting a building into being smart on energy

Annual savings~ £15/m2 in smart buildings from application of occupancy sensing in building management software.

The Solution

Enable People

  • Understand room usage and optimise

  • Make free resources easily available

  • Issue cleaning and work orders based on need

  • Improve indoor air quality and worker well well-being

Save on Energy

  • Reduce energy bill by control of lightning and HVAC equipment in real real-time

  • Become more sustainable by reducing CO2 emissions

Information Compliance

  • Ensure offices are left without leaving behind access to proprietary information.

No GDPR issues 

Ubiqisense completely anonymises all images to an outline of the head and shoulders, therefore is not subject to GDPR Regulation.

Easy Installation

The solution can be deployed on any IP-based camera, with no changes required to your existing camera infrastructure required.

You only need to give us feed access, and we will take care of the rest.

Get started monitoring your spaces.


Send IP

Provide our system secure access to your IP camera feeds


Connect AI

We deploy our intelligent sensing-algorithms and configure the system for alerts and statistics


All Set

Get started supporting Social Distancing with proactive alerts and ensure that your space is safe 

How it works

When social distance safety is compromised,  real-time  alerts are generated to help everyone stay safe. They can be via visual devices such as displays or announcements, but can also be sent to monitoring centres, security or other personnel responsible for safety.

Data can be stored and analysed by our standard or advanced analytics systems. They provide insights into the use of your facilities, discover bottlenecks and places where people typically gather can be provided from the data.

In adherence to GDPR, only meta-data is being stored for historical analysis, either in your own database or on our analytics portal. No images are stored or transmitted.

Live Feed

Receive the live feed from your IP cameras directly on monitors or displays.


Alerts can be sent by email, SMS, Bluetooth, MQTT, Wi-Fi or our open API


Connect to your Building Management System and automate actions based on real-time data

cloud portal

Use our Standard or Advanced Analytics Platforms to collect results and see live and historical occupancy data


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for analytics and control

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