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Sypro Solar-Assist

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Saving more than just Energy

Reducing Your Energy Needs
Client Benefits

It's obvious that when the sun shines it gets warmer and consequently your air conditioning or refrigeration has to work harder. At the same time solar energy is at its best in direct sunlight.  So we use this thermal energy to supplement the energy needed to run the cooling system.
​We have seen savings of as much as 60%, in some cases.  So at a mere 30% savings the 'Return On Investment' is less than one year.

Significant reduction in energy consumption.

Lowered peak demand 

Rebates, incentives & tax credit opportunities

Improved Equipment, investment offset by savings

P.A.C.E. Approved

Dealer Benefits
Opens new opportunities with existing clients
Increases profitability per project -subsidises reduced margin projects.
Edge on competition –Wide open markets
Opens new business sectors for expandability

  • ROI typically 3 years

  • Prove your ROI with in-built monitoring, control & reporting

  • Reduced energy consumption (30% Approx)

  • Cooling  and Heating Systems

  • Reduced HVAC, Chilling & Cooling Maintenance

  • Longer compressor life expectancy

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Payback in less than 3 years

Hybrid Air conditioning

Thermodynamic collection system

Why Solar Assisted Heating and Cooling


  • Increased system efficiency by up to 70%

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • Reduced duty cycles for compressors

  • Increased life expectancy of cooling, chilling and refrigeration hardware

  • Reduced maintenance/downtime

  • Systems available for both heating and cooling

  • Payback of no more than 3 years based purely on energy savings


Below demonstrates the energy savings on a Falkon Air DC inverter system, in comparison to a A+ rated DC Inverter installation


​The chart illustrates that the hotter it gets, the better it works, as the increased energy consumption of the comparative system under the same conditions.


Installation Examples

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