The technological solution for a covid safe working environment includes discreetly and anonymously monitoring workspaces, to ensure that your policies are adhered to, and to identify where issues are occurring so that changes to the environment or working practices can be implemented to reduce viral transmission risk. 


Ensure staff safety by:

  • Detection of mask-wearing or not

  • Ensuring safe occupancy levels

  • Detecting when people gather in clusters

  • Ensuring that rooms are being used in a safe way and people are maintaining social distancing

  • Traffic light door monitoring

  • Warning alert system

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Protect Your Workforce with Safe Working Technologies


The safe working environment  solution by UbiqiSense, is a smart algorithm that can be deployed on any IP camera infrastructure. It provides both real-time and historical insights into space use and density monitoring, and alerts users when safe distance is breached.

Measure how many people are present in the area, if they are keeping the minimum advised distance from each other when standing, sitting, or walking, is the room above safe capacity and are people wearing masks.

No GDPR issues 

Ubiqisense completely anonymises all images to an outline of the head and shoulders, therefore is not subject to GDPR Regulation.

Ensure that marks are being worn

Our sensors detect whether masks are worn in defined areas such as public spaces. 

Alerts can be set and audible spoken alarms to remind people to put on their masks.

In environments such as lifts instructions via BACnet can be issued to the elevator control so that the doors do not shut.

Detect clusters of people

Our sensors detect and immediately notify you when people gather together in clusters. 

Know how your facilities are being used from the anonymised information collected.

Detect when people are standing too close

Keep using your facilities while maintaining a safe distance. When coupled to our audio/visual alarms, occupants are alerted and you are notified if your spaces exceed safety levels, in terms of occupancy and social distance.

Detect when the number of people in a room exceeds safety levels

Ensure that rooms are being used in a safe way to limit spread of Covid19, particularly important in lifts. If the number of people in a room exceed safety levels, our system will alert you and your occupants via our visual/audio alarms  and messaging service.

Our Social Distancing solution can be deployed on any IP-based camera, with no changes required to your existing camera infrastructure required.

You only need to give us feed access, and we will take care of the rest.

Get started monitoring your spaces, minimising risk and preventing viral spread.

Easy Installation


Send IP

Provide our system secure access to your IP camera feeds


Connect AI

We deploy our intelligent sensing-algorithms and configure the system for alerts and statistics


All Set

Get started supporting Social Distancing with proactive alerts and ensure that your space is safe 

How it works

When social distance safety is compromised,  real-time  alerts are generated to help everyone stay safe. They can be via visual devices such as displays or announcements, but can also be sent to monitoring centres, security or other personnel responsible for safety.

Data can be stored and analysed by our standard or advanced analytics systems. They provide insights into the use of your facilities, discover bottlenecks and places where people typically gather can be provided from the data.

In adherence to GDPR, only meta-data is being stored for historical analysis, either in your own database or on our analytics portal. No images are stored or transmitted.

Live Feed

Receive the live feed from your IP cameras directly on monitors or displays.


Alerts can be sent by email, SMS, Bluetooth, MQTT, Wi-Fi or our open API


Connect to your Building Management System and automate actions based on real-time data

cloud portal

Use our Standard or Advanced Analytics Platforms to collect results and see live and historical occupancy data


couple to
for analytics and control

As a response to the global Covid19 pandemic, UbiqiSense has modified its smart sensor system to offer Social Distance Monitoring and Alert Solutions.

It is our goal to help businesses, organisations and institutions as society opens up, to get back to normal while maintaining a safe distance, prevent infection and save lives.

Contact us to hear more about how we can help making your teams and facilities safer and prevent Covid19 from spreading

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