Sypro offer a broad range of services including:

Safe Working Environments
Covid - 19

Monitor & manage your workspaces discretely and
in real-time

Hotel Food & Beverage

Monitor lounge seating usage, connect with EPOS, trigger alerts for staff to approach customers to ask whether they require refreshments

Smart Water & Wastewater

A full smart water solution for utilities and drainage contractors


Monitoring of plant, production processes complete with control

Facilities Management

Facilities management, predictive maintenance, space management, renewable cooling, drain monitoring and predictive analytics

Automated Sanitisation

Using unique sensors, sanitise areas such as toilets and workstations, automatically, using stabilised ozone, meaning no chemicals

Space Management

Make the most of your space, and link to your BMS to reduce utility costs

Solar Assisted Cooling

Reduce the cost of refrigeration and chilling utilising solar assisted cooling