Sanitisation of areas such as toilets, workspaces, equipment, seating and attractions, in the current Covid-19 situation is expensive in terms of human, time and financial resources. SAS reduces these costs by automatically sanitising the area when vacated, ready for the next person or activity.

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The SAS approach to Covid-19

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Detect entry and exit

Sanitise after use

As soon as the cubicle, area or desk is vacated, the spray sanitiser is triggered, enabling safe reuse after a maximum of two minutes dependant on conditions. Sanitisers need one minute to kill germs and viruses.

Simple traffic lights

Our sensors detect when people enter or leave an area such as a toilet cubicle, seating, gym equipment or even an amusement ride. Usage can be used to trigger normal cleaning works orders.
They also detect whether people are in distress, for example someone sitting or lying down in a toilet area.

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Simple traffic lights demonstrate when it is clear to enter the area, triggered by the start of the operation and changing to green using a timer.

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Automated maintenance alerts

SAS tells you when traffic light batteries require replacement and when sanitiser needs topping up. Full sanitisation audit reports are also automatically generated for your health and safety requirements and management team.

Value after Covid-19

SAS and the analytics behind it provide value long after the Covid-19 threat has receded,
with reduced facilities and operational costs, plus marketing opportunities.

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Easy Deployment

SAS can be deployed using any IP-based camera, with no changes to your camera infrastructure required. You only need to give us access to the feed, we will take care of the rest.

How it works

The sensors detect heads and shoulders, no personal identifiable information is recorded or saved. The smart algorithms know direction of travel and know when an area has been occupied. Upon the area being vacated, an instruction is transmitted to the sanitisation equipment and the traffic light, once the sanitisation process is complete the traffic light returns to green.
Pro-active live alerts are generated when sanitisation fluids and battery levels are low, plus facility usage parameters can be set to enable works orders for checkes and tradional cleaning. Alerts are also raised for unusual readings such as someone sitting or lying by a sink. Alerts can be via sms or email to facilities staff, but can also be sent to monitoring centres, security, police or other personnel responsible for safety.
Data can be analysed to provide insights in to the use of your facilities, discover bottlenecks and places where people typically gather.

No GDPR issues 

In adherence to GDPR, only meta-data is being stored for historial analysis - either in your own database or on our analytics portal. No images are ever stored or transmitted.

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Live Feed

Receive the live feed from your IP cameras directly on monitors or displays.

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Alerts can be sent by email, SMS, Bluetooth, MQTT, Wi-Fi or our open API

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Option to connect to your Building Management System and automate actions based on real-time data

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cloud portal

Use our Standard or Advanced Analytics Platforms to collect results and see live and historical occupancy data