FalkonAir Strategic Partnership

Sypro Ltd. is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with FalkonAir leaders in

HVAC innovation. FalkonAir has developed energy saving solar assisted cooling and other hashtag#refrigeration energy saving devices, all of which have a return on investment of less than three years based on energy savings alone, also reducing maintenance and carbon costs. Sypro provides realtime monitoring and reporting to ensuring systems are performing at their optimum level and provide information for predictive maintenance. Chris Micallef CEO of FalkonAir said ‘We are pleased to be working in partnership with Sypro Limited. The company’s flexible approach has resulted in a preconfigured software and hardware solution which means that our global installation team’s task of commissioning and monitoring is more streamlined and manageable.’ Jonathan Harlock MD of Sypro said: ‘We are delighted to be working in partnership with FalkonAir. Organisations requiring # hashtag#chilling or cooling services will benefit from reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint of chilling and refrigeration benefiting us all.’ hashtag#energysaving hashtag#cooling hashtag#maintenance hashtag#carbonfootprint hashtag#climatechange hashtag#carbonsaving hashtag#facilitiesmanagement hashtag#buildingmanagement hashtag#climateactionnow hashtag#buildingindustry hashtag#carbonreduction hashtag#buildingandconstruction

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