Social Distancing Management in the Workplace

As we prepare for a relaxing of lock-down and a new normal businesses need to ensure they have suitable social distancing policies in place and the ability to monitor and manage those policies

Safe Working Practices

You can plan the physical distancing in the office, however the key element is to know what is actually occurring once you have made the changes to the floor plan.

People move around, enter and leave rooms and in a short period of time complacency may set in, meaning rooms may become crowded and people get to close.

Managing Social Distancing

Using anonymised video, real-time management room occupancy and social distancing is possible. Designed to be non-intrusive the system does NOT utilise facial recognition, but provides alerts and reports on a room by room basis.

Internet of things depends on interoperability, to this end it is important that any tracking platform can integrate with other platforms and devices, meaning that alerts can be issued, audibly or visually, to encourage safe distances. API's linking to building management or security systems enables prevention of entry into a room that is at capacity, alternatively a simple traffic light can be placed on the door.

When social distancing rules are breached some form of alarm may be necessary therefore audible or visual alarms must be possible

Ubiqisense solution

Ubiqiense is a real-time space management tool, that can use existing CCTV infrastructure or Ubiqisense devices. The platform tracks heads and shoulders of people, without using facial recognition knowing when people are standing or sitting.

Sensing the number of people present in a room, the distance they are apart means that risks of transmitting COVID-19 can be managed, and with the API's instructions can be supplied to door actuators or BMS to allow entry turn on/off lights etc, plus additional devices such as audible or visual alarms can be added.

Other benefits include knowing if whiteboards have been cleaned when a room has been vacated or whether desks are clear of mugs etc

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