Are data silos damaging your business?

ZDnet recently reported on a survey Line of Business Managers by Mule Soft that that siloed systems are slowing business growth and that failure in this area will hinder business growth and revenue.

The vast majority of Line of Business Managers state that they require quick and easy access to data, IT systems, and applications to do their jobs effectively and remain productive. Access to data is critical as more than half (59%) of managers and their employees are involved in identifying, suggesting, or creating new ways to improve the delivery of digital services externally, such as building an online self-service portal or a customer-facing mobile application. Yet, less than one-third (29%) think their organization is very effective in connecting and using data from multiple sources to drive business value.

This is a serious challenge to business as we look to recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic.

eRis provides visualisation of data from almost any data source including manual input, data normalisation, analytics or simply data brokerage to your existing systems.

eRIS is such a platform that connects to your data, collecting the information without copying it to yet another expensive data warehouse.

eRIS also enables additions of notes and context to the data adding further value.

Once the data has been sourced it can be normalised and the analytics conducted or access given to other applications, importantly eRIS provides a single portal to view and access data whether processed, or raw, with added contextual information.

Like all systems time is required to implement eRIS, with time costing money in real terms and in productivity it is important this is kept to a minimum, therefore eRIS can be deployed in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

It is apparent that eRIS fulfils much of what Line of Business Managers are requiring.

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