Distribution of Bulk Fuels, Oils, Gases,
​Powders and Fluids

Monitoring storage levels, issuing orders, raising alerts and alarms.

Analysing performance, customer demand, market prices event and any product processing

Demand Forecasting

Accurately forecast demand in real-time and at anytime

Client Stock Levels

Know exactly the level of product on the client premises

Consumption Patterns

Know exactly what the historical, current and forecast demand patterns are

Optimise Procurement

Know what to buy and when to optimise procurement

Know Impacts of Weather

Know the impacts of weather forecasts on demand from real-time consumption data.

Impacts of External Factors

Learn the impacts of external events on demand and consumption

Link Consumption to Data

Linking consumption and demand data to markets data and prices

Optimise Logistics

Reduce unnecessary journeys and enhance customer satisfaction

Payback typically less than
18 months
Typical Supply Scenario

This alert allows the suppliers to make a delivery if it is convenient for them.  

Yellow Alert

​Exception Reporting
​Intelligent exception reporting and alerts indicates unusual consumption, highlighting possible theft, or leakage

The cost benefit is based on a fleet of 20 x 26 tonne trucks, covering 60,000 miles per year, with 2,000 collection points. Source of figures Motor Transport cost tables published 10 December 2018, as tanker costs not available curtainsider figures used. 

Collection services under contract typically with round robin journeys scheduled.


Administration services are also taken into account at a cost for £25,000 per annum. 

​Cost Benefit


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