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Producing data is no longer the challenge, transposing data into a usable and understandable format is often the  struggle. In the business world, data is traditionally housed in separate silos and servers. 

Disjointed data is of little value therefore, by connecting data in intelligent and meaningful way, you gain insights and value like never before. The challenge is finding a cost-effective method achieving this through the managing, analysing and visualising of all those data sources.


eRIS means data is no longer limited by the silos of individual systems. Data is brought together in a single portal creating meaningful, usable format, enabling centralised management, analysis, and visualisation. Different areas and systems, including legacy, in your enterprise are easily combined into a single pane of glass with reports, tables, or charts, all without copying data or implementing a complex and expensive centralised data warehouse. 

eRIS connects to your data directly in a secure predominantly 
read-only manner, also users are not limited to summary or daily values, but instead access ALL data from ALL source systems. eRIS even connects to legacy or out-of production systems meaning old data is available without costly data migration, resulting in near real-time and legacy data at your fingertips to drive critical decisions.


Single Pane of Glass
eRIS gives you the tools to manage, analyse and visualise data from all your enterprise systems including SCADA Historians, Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Computerised Maintenance Management Systems  (CMMS), Asset Management Systems, Customer Billing, and many others. This data can then be enhanced by supplementing of manually entered and calculated data to produce detailed reports, dashboards, trends, key performance indicators (KPIs) or exported into other formats like Microsoft Excel or Comma Separated Values (CSV).

Easy Installation & Intuitive Use
eRIS is browser based and built on an industry standard architecture. There’s no need to install software on all your organisation’s computers. In addition, eRIS doesn’t require the implementation of a costly and complex data warehouse. With a clean, modern interface and basic training, users are up and running quickly. eRIS Mobile allows remote users to connect to critical information using their favourite device. Eramosa UK is committed to keeping overhead and start-up costs low.


Real operational insights

Bring data from all management systems and manual inpust

No impact on system performance

Analysis has no impact on operational systems performance

No additional data warehouses

Data is extracted on the fly

Free your data from its source

Bring grater context through merge with other systems data

Predictive analytics

Preempt issues before they occur.

Impacts of External Factors

Learn the impacts of external events on demand and consumption

Environmental conditions

Optimise envronmental conditions and increase productivity, control social distancing policies

Optimise Space

Understand the flow of people, and optimise the work environment