automated sanitisation, plumis, automist, sypro, covid-19
automated sanitisation, sypro, covid-19




sanitisation, toilet, amusement park, transport, buses, trains, cinema, theatre, sypro covid-19

Detect entry and exit

Our sensors detect when people enter or leave an area such as a toilet cubicle, seating, gym equipment or even an amusement ride. Usage can be used to trigger normal cleaning works orders.
They also detect whether people are in distress, for example someone sitting or lying down in a toilet area.

automated sanitisation, plumis, automist, sypro, covid-19

Sanitise after use

As soon as the cubicle, area or desk is vacated, the spray sanitiser is triggered, enabling safe reuse after a maximum of two minutes dependant on conditions. Sanitisers need one minute to kill germs and viruses.

Simple traffic lights

Simple traffic lights demonstrate when it is clear to enter the area, triggered by the start of the operation and changing to green using a timer.

sypro, sanitisation, traffic light, covid-19
i-predict, sypro, eRIS, data management, data brokering, data visualisation, data analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning






Facilities Usage



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Real operational insights

Bring data from all management systems and manual inpust

No impact on system performance

Analysis has no impact on operational systems performance

No additional data warehouses

Data is extracted on the fly

Free your data from its source

Bring grater context through merge with other systems data

Predictive analysis

Preempt issues before they occur .

Impacts of External Factors

Learn the impacts of external events on demand and consumption

Link Consumption to Data

Linking consumption and demand data to markets data and prices

Optimise Logistics

Reduce unnecessary journeys and enhance customer satisfaction

i-Predict is powered by:

eRIS, data management, data brokering, data visualisation, data analysis, analytics. i-predict, sypro
VTScada, Sypro, i-predict, software for monitoring and control

In the onslaught of data an organisation produces daily, finding and using essential information is a challenge. eRIS revolutionises this process, allowing all your data to be accessed from the same place in real-time by your whole organisation.


With information and report creation at your fingertips, your team can make decisions that optimise processes and meet compliance requirements.

e.RIS tools include:
  • eRIS Mobile app allows you to increase productivity by extending the reach of eRIS everywhere users need to go and everywhere a computer cannot.

  • Electronic Logbooks replace messy, unreliable paper with secure electronic records that are easily readable, searchable, and archivable.

  • eRIS Dashboards give an overview of your entire system in a glance.

  • Powerful Predictive Analytics are built in, giving you new and valuable ways to view and interpret your data.

  • Straightforward Report Building allows for uncomplicated reporting, scheduling and distribution of data.

  • Fully customisable, there is an e.RIS solution that matches your needs, abilities, and budget.

More than HMI and SCADA Software

VTScada also natively includes components not commonly found in HMI or SCADA software platforms such as polling management, historian, trends viewer, report generation, application version control, alarm notification, and system backup. 

Built for applications monitoring hundreds to millions of I/O on a single server, VTScada’s speed, stability, scalability, and support have made it a trusted SCADA alternative for 31+ years.

Non-proprietary HMI SCADA Software

VTScada’s hardware independence and open connectivity support all major PLCs or RTUs and provide an advancement over polling with Master PLCs.

A single file installs all components while VTScada’s unique server architecture offers no-compromise load-balancing and hot-backup failover using fewer computers. Integrated real-time application version control permits auditing and instant on-line recovery from unexpected effects of user configuration.

Start Small. Think Big.

This cost-effective and easily-integrated SCADA solution includes everything you need for a fully functional monitoring and control system. All standard and optional components are integrated into the product and can be unlocked by simply updating an installation key. Easily expand your system from a simple OEM machine interface or standalone workstations to a large, distributed client/server system.

eRIS, data management, data brokering, data visualisation, data analysis, analytics, sypro, i-predict