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Facility Usage 
Cubicle Usage

Water Consumption/


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Detect entry and exit

Our sensors detect when people enter or leave an area such as a toilet cubicle, seating, gym equipment or even an amusement ride. Usage can be used to trigger normal cleaning works orders.
They also detect whether people are in distress, for example someone sitting or lying down in a toilet area.


Sanitise after use

As soon as the cubicle, area, desk or lift is vacated, the spray sanitiser is triggered, enabling safe reuse after a maximum of two minutes dependant on conditions. Sanitisers need one minute to kill germs and viruses.

Simple traffic lights

Simple traffic lights demonstrate when it is clear to enter the area, triggered by the start of the operation and changing to green using a timer.

sypro, sanitisation, traffic light, covid-19

Greater Functionaility

E N A B L E  P E O P L E

  • Understand room usage and optimise

  • Make free resources easily available

  • Issue cleaning and work orders based on need

  • Improve indoor air quality and worker well-being

  • Control social distancing policies



S A V E  O N   E N E R G Y

  • Reduce energy bill by control of lightning
    and HVAC equipment in real-time

  • Become more sustainable by reducing CO2 emissions


  • Solar assisted cooling, chilling and refrigeration 

  • Save on air conditioning cost

  • Save on air conditioning maintenance

  • Reduce CO2 emissions


S A V E  O N   E N E R G Y

  • Energy saving give a payback of less than
    3 years

  • Additional savings on maintenance

  • Savings in CO2

Real operational insights

Bring data from all management systems and manual inpust

No impact on system performance

Analysis has no impact on operational systems performance

No additional data warehouses

Data is extracted on the fly

Free your data from its source

Bring grater context through merge with other systems data


Predictive analytics

Preempt issues before they occur.

Impacts of External Factors

Learn the impacts of external events on demand and consumption

Environmental conditions

Optimise envronmental conditions and increase productivity, control social distancing policies

Optimise Space

Understand the flow of people, and optimise the work environment


Cloud Hosted or On-Premise

Secure cloud hosted as standard is the lowest cost option, enabling ease of access wherever you are in the world. On-premise is available, i-Predict instances being installed on local workstations and the core being on a client server, meaning again access by authorised staff within the client organisation can be from anywhere globally


i-Predict is can connect to most hardware, meaning that your existing metering and monitoring infrastructure can be leveraged, with only new hardware required where there are gaps in the data.

Augmented Reality

Engineers and operators can "see" the status of plant without having to look at the real gauges with the ability make immediate adjustments on the fly

VTScada, SCADA, i-predict, sypro, augemented reality

Role based access, no data is deleted and multiple redundancy available to protect critical plant and processes