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Clean River Campaign

As members of our staff are keen canoeists 

we at Sypro Ltd are supporting a volunteer community action

clean rivers project

Join Us

in voluntarily testing river water

quality with view to helping to improve river bathing standards

Utilising eRIS we have set up a platform for the recording of ph values at rivers, you just register for free, using tests, low cost kits are available on this website, simply record the reading, your activity, take a photo if you wish, the system will save the location, time and weather.

We can then build a picture of the condition of our rivers and use this to lobby the Environment Agency and Government.

Usage of the platform is complete free of charge, and the ph kits are at cost, this is not a profit making campaign!

Please join us if you enjoy using our rivers, whether canoeing, boating, fishing or walking


How to be involved

When you register you will be provided with the url and log in details, you will also be given the opportunity to purchase some pH testing strips.

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