The single portal for all your management systems and data streams providing monitoring, control, reports, predictive analytics and machine learning




Our sensors know when an area is occupied, and when people leave, triggering a sanitising spray, for the specific zone. 

The area is dry and sanitised within two minutes, ready for reuse.

Suitable for toilets, hotdesks, gym equipment, amusement rides, public transport, cinemas and small theatres


Social Distancing

Manage your social distancing policies, enable traffic lights on doors based on actual occupancy.

Alert staff that they are too close, with audible or visual alarms

Additional benefits include full real-time space management

All the elements of a smart operation under one roof; including hardware, command and control, predictive analytics, machine learning and procurement

The smart tool to reduce operation costs

How e.RIS reduces operating costs

Sites & Sensors

Site Sensors

Such as: kWh, Temperature, Level, CO2, Pollutants,Flow, Pressure, Acoustics

Real-time Information and predictive analytics enabling rapid response

Reduced wasted journeys, by keeping you informed in real-time of relevant conditions

Advanced warning of imminent problem through predictive analytics and machine learning

Automated contractor alerts/procurement

Typical payback less than 18 months 

eRIS leverages existing sensor investment to provide accurate predictive analysis of  water infrastructure. 

DWS, a unique hydrant-mounted 4 input sensor, enabling predictive water leakage detection and location

water leakage detection, water leage, hydrant sensor, predictive leak detection

Bringing in data from all your data sources, such as pdf, manual entry, BMS, LIMS, CIMMS, weather, billing and sensors into one analytics portal, without the requirement of an additional data warehouse

Predictive analytics and management reporting

Combining data from multiple management systems, including SCADA, LIMS, data from pdfs and sensors; on the fly eRIS can provide enhanced predictive analytics for plant optimisation, reporting and  KPI management

wastewater management, SCADA, LIMS, plant optimisation, KPI management

Intake station pollutant monitoring with immediate alerts, detailed analytics with additional context references

Automated timely reports in a variety of formats

Robust with multiple redundancy and backups

Maximise the utilisation of your space and reduce cost, anonymously track people within your buildings, ensure that social distancing policies are maintained, be alerted when whiteboard and flip-charts are not cleared and know when meeting rooms tables have not been cleared   

Space management, social distancing, CAFM, track people, space utilisation

Monitor and manage your renewable generation and storage, maximise revenues from export and self-consumption

Reduce cooling, chilling and refrigeration costs through solar assisted cooling, fully monitored to ensure optimum saving and maintenance, comes complete with predictive analytics maintenance platform

falkon air, solar assisted cooling, solar assited air conditioning, hybrid A/C and refrigeration, Compression-eat absorption, thermodynamic heat collection, solx energy, thermx


Bring all data together in one portal, with elements such as wireless tank level monitoring, production and whether. Know customer stock levels and future demand, transport costs, market prices increase the efficiency of your operation, with predictive analytics and all without expensive data warehouses

logistics management, stock monitoring, predicitive stock monitoring, demand management

Predictive analytics and maintenance coupled with machine learning. Bring together sales forecasts, production schedules, maintenance regimes to further optimise your operation

Ensure that social distancing policies are maintained

manufacturing, predicitve maintenance, process management, factory maintenance

Know how your facilities are operating, increase utilisation reduce costs, through predictive analytics and maintenance based on the actual condition and duty cycles of plant

fm, facilities management, predicitive maintenance, plant dut cycles, utility cost reduction

Full predictive analytics capability bringing data from multiple silos, sensors, manual entry and pdfs into one portal, without copying data into data warehouse

big data, operational analysis, single pane of glass, SPOG, single portal, automated analysis, machine learning

Know how much fuel your customers have, manage demand, automate orders, accurately forecast demand and link to markets with advanced predictive analysis

bulk LPG, LPG distribution, demand management, waste oil, waste oil processing,

Monitor energy usage coupled to predictive analytics. Track energy efficiency projects, generation, storage demand side management

Reduce demand and costs

electricity, natural gas networks, utility management, predictive maintenance, AD, anaerobic digestion

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