A single portal for bringing data streams together providing monitoring, control, reports, predictive analytics and machine learning.


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Reduce costs facility management. Inform house-keeping staff of physical cleaning requirements based on usage rather than time.

Know when consumables require replenishment, such as toilet rolls, paper towels, soap and hand sanitisers, and alert staff to refill.

Ensure bins include sanitary bins are never overfull, automatically schedule emptying when appropriate.

Legacy Data

You're about to or have invested in a  new system, however migrating the legacy system is complexity costly.

Reduces this complexity with a single pane of approach, keeping the legacy data in-situ, enabling management, visualisation and analytics form both the legacy and new system, in fact multiple different management systems can be easily added.

Leverage your legacy



Manage your Covid 19 policies, enable traffic lights on doors based on actual occupancy.

Identify mask wearing compliance.

Alert staff that they are too close, or not wearing masks with audible or visual alarms

Additional benefits include full real-time space management

Hotel Lounge Food & Beverage 

Our sensors detect how long a table has been occupied, our platform knows whether the guest has ordered refreshments, triggering alerts to staff to prompt the guest.

Manage performance of zones, staff and F&B sales

Maximise Food and Beverage revenue

Lunch Spot

All the elements of a smart operation under one roof; including hardware, command and control, predictive analytics, machine learning and procurement

The smart tool to reduce operation costs

How eRIS reduces operating costs

Sites & Sensors

iiot, industrial internet of things

Site Sensors

Such as: kWh, Temperature, Level, CO2, Pollutants,Flow, Pressure, Acoustics

Real-time Information and predictive analytics enabling rapid response

Reduced wasted journeys, by keeping you informed in real-time of relevant conditions

Advanced warning of imminent problem through predictive analytics and machine learning

Automated contractor alerts/procurement

Typical payback less than 18 months 

Maximise the utilisation of your space and reduce cost, anonymously track people within your buildings, ensure that social distancing policies are maintained, be alerted when whiteboard and flip-charts are not cleared and know when meeting rooms tables have not been cleared 


Know how your facilities are operating, increase utilisation reduce costs, through predictive analytics and maintenance based on the actual condition and duty cycles of plant